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Our venue is a 20ft shipping container converted into a state-of-the-art theatrical environment.

Through wireless technology we have developed an integrated network to control audio, video and lighting systems on a single iPad or similar device. By placing this technology in one “virtual” place we liberate the constraints of traditional theatre environs and provide mobile state-of-the-art tools for creators.

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We are using Meyer Sound’s ground-breaking audio technology SpaceMap Go – a hardware/software platform enabling spatial sound designs, localizing live or pre-recorded sounds around the container. The upstage LED wall is programmable through various software platforms from standard theatrical playback, such as QLab, to interactive real-time content such as TouchDesigner or Isadora.  The theatrical LED lighting system has the flexibility to be programmed wirelessly or by an external hardware console, via ETC Eos.

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The container can go anywhere with access for a semi-truck. It’s transported on a trailer, hitched to the back of the haulage truck. The container and its trailer could be hauled short distances by a heavy-duty pickup truck with an adequate “fifth wheel” type trailer hitch in the bed.

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Meyer Sound’s latest audio technology using SpaceMap Go – a fully automated sound localizing platform for multi-channel speaker systems.

Theatrical LED lighting system with foot, front, side and back lights, via ETC Eos.

6ft x 13ft LED screen on upstage wall.

All technical production elements (audio, lights, video) are fully integrated, and can be automated and controlled remotely by one person with an iPad.

Can be powered by local electrical service or external generator.

Can be set up on any surface accessible by a semi-truck, as well as shifted into enclosed spaces.